The GeoPitch: Fast-Paced Presentations from University Students and Early Career Geoscientists –
Thursday 16 September: 2.15 pm to 3.45 pm

 The AEGC 2021 will, for the first time, host an afternoon of fast-paced 3-minute presentation, held concurrently to the rest of the conference proceedings. The GeoPitch is open to all students and Early Career geoscientists to present their research, project work, and new ideas related to Earth Science. For 2021, we are proud to have 13 presenters from 5 states send in their pre-record GeoPitch’s. All presenters will be available live & online for a Q&A discussion following their recordings. All conference delegates are encouraged to attend the event.

The aim of this event is two-fold. It provides a unique industry-level platform, giving students and Early Career professionals an exciting opportunity to develop their science communication skills, presenting their work to a broad scientific audience. In addition, the GeoPitch gives conference delegates a sneak-peak into the cutting-edge areas of research and work undertaken by our future leaders!

THE GEOPITCH PROGRAM: Thursday 16 September

GeoPitch Session 1: 2.15pm – 2.45 pm

Pre-recorded 3-minute presentations:

Roman Isaenkov (PhD, Curtin University): Automated real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide storages.

Muhammad Atif Iqbal (PhD, Curtin University): Petrophysics in mineral exploration?

Wei Xuen Heng (GHD): Geophysical investigation of the legacy Endurance Mine, NE Tasmania

Jack Ward (PhD, University of Queensland): Late Cenozoic alkaline magmatism in East Asia and Indonesia: Tectonic controls on melt generation and implications for mineral prospectivity

Followed by a Virtual Q&A Panel with Session 1 Authors


GeoPitch Session 2: 2.45 pm – 3.15 pm

Pre-recorded 3-minute presentations:

Lauren Found (Discover Geoscience): A Peru-se of Subandean Petroleum Systems

Yuexiao Shao (PhD, University of Adelaide): Calibration of alkaline earth metal isotope tracers in semi-arid coastal environments

Tom Zhao (PhD, University of New South Wales): Serve farmers with geophysical data!

Corinna Schuetz (Msc, Queensland University of Technology): From passive to active margin: before seds hit the fan.

Tianjiao Yu (Hons, University of Queensland): Keeping it local: the Permian origin of recycled clays in Cenozoic channels, Queensland

Followed by a Virtual Q&A Panel with Session 2 Authors


GeoPitch Session 3: 3.15 pm – 3.45 pm

Pre-recorded 3-minute presentations:

Lance Karlson (PhD, University of Western Australia): Geological Modelling with Measure-While-Drill Data

Fernando Fagundes Fontana (PhD, University of South Australia): Near real-time downhole geochemical analysis by LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)

Bronwyn Campbell (PhD, Macquarie University): The microscopic life hundreds of metres beneath your feet

Davina Rabadia (Santos, presenting Honour’s thesis): Unravelling the Mystery of Martian Meteorites

Followed by a Virtual Q&A Panel with Session 3 Authors


Interesting in attending?

All conference delegates are welcome to attend the GeoPitch.


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