We are pleased to announce that several student and early career-focused events will be held throughout the Conference proceedings.


  • Informal meet & greet prior to the Welcome Reception
  • Fortescue Metals Group Early Career Network Event High School Geoscience Outreach Day
  • Q&A Industry Panel
  • The GeoPitch – fast-paced 3-minute presentations from students & Early Career Geoscientists!
Tuesday 14th March 2023

Informal Meet & Greet at the BRISBANE Sign – 4.45 pm

The iconic BRISBANE sign will be used as a meeting spot before the AEGC Welcome Reception. All student or early career geoscientists are welcome, whether you are travelling interstate or just from the suburbs, come and meet your peers and find some friendly faces!
Come join us from 4.45 pm, and we will walk over to the Welcome Reception together at 5.00 pm. The sign is located by the river in South Bank outside the Qld Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

Wednesday 15th March 2023

The Fortescue Metals Group Early Career Geoscientist Networking Evening – 6.00 pm

The Fortescue Metals Group Early Career Geoscientist Networking Evening will officially kick-off the Student and Early Career AEGC program, providing an opportunity for geoscientists at all career and study levels the chance to network with fellow delegates. The event will be held from 6.00 pm on Wednesday 15th of March at one of Brisbane’s beloved central bars, The Charming Squire. It is conveniently located around the corner from the AEGC venue, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Fortescue Metals Group Early Career Geoscientist Networking Evening follows the AEGC Happy Hour.
Undergraduate, early career, and established geoscientists are encouraged to attend the Fortescue Metals Group Early Career Geoscientist Networking Evening, to meet and share experiences, all the while enjoying all-inclusive drinks and a casual meal.
Please note this is a ticketed event. Tickets start from $15 and can be purchased on the AEGC website when registering for the conference (2023.aegc.com.au).

Thursday 16th March 2023

High School Geoscience Outreach Day – 9.00 am

The AEGC 2023 has capacity to host up to 100 high school students (preference given to years 10 – 12) for a unique opportunity to experience a day at the AEGC with industry professionals. We’ve brought on board the CoRE Learning Foundation to help energize the student day!

Friday 17th March 2023

The AEGC 2023 welcomes undergraduate, honours, masters and PhD students, and early career geoscientists to register their interest to attend the sponsored AEGC 2023 University Student and Graduate Afternoon.

Industry Q&A Panel Discussion – 11.00 am

The interactive Q&A-style panel will consist of a diverse range of geoscientists, allowing students and conference delegates to tackle front-of-mind questions and share experiences. We will have 4 panellists, they are:

Dr Kate Brand
Kate manages the Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre (ASWFC) within the Bureau of Meteorology. While auroras make spectacular photos, they are only one aspect of space weather. Events on the Sun such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections can impact critical infrastructure on Earth such as our energy grid and communications, and the economy more broadly. At the ASWFC we prepare space weather forecasts and warnings to help ensure impacted industries are prepared.

Kate’s work in space weather is a recent change, having completed a PhD in geophysics then working for over 5 years at the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining in the technique of magnetotellurics (MT). Interestingly, this geophysical technique relies on space weather, with fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field caused by the Sun’s solar wind. MT uses those measurements to understand the conductivity of rocks up to several hundred kilometres below the surface.

Kate is a long-term volunteer of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists and served as president in 2021.

Dr Jan Francke
Jan has spent the entirety of his 32-year career in geophysics working with deep ground penetrating radar for mineral exploration.  He holds a BSc, MSc and PhD all in GPR-related studies.  He builds custom GPR instruments for customers around the world and is currently working on designs for lunar exploration.  He has worked in over 100 countries on six continents and spends 2/3 of his time in the field-testing new radar ideas.  He is also a frequency geophysics consultant on Netflix, Discovery and National Geographic docuseries. 

Jaime Livesey
Jaime has a background in geoscience and management, with previous roles spanning the oil & gas, mineral exploration and environmental services industries. Jaime has extensive experience in strategic planning, project management and business administration and was most recently the project manager for the JORC Code review 

Dr Helen Degeling
A passionate environmentalist and change-maker, with a strong background in the mining industry, academia, minerals research and program management. I recognise that everything we use and do in modern society starts with raw materials; by using my networks across industry, academia and government I ensure that the mining industry is part of the solution to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Students are encouraged to attend lunch in the main exhibition hall, to explore the latest in exploration technologies and have an opportunity to interact with established geoscientists and industry. Following lunch we will reconvene in the designated room, before continuing an afternoon of Student and Early Career fast-paced presentations: the GeoPitch.

THE GEOPITCH: Fast-paced presentations from University students and Early Career geoscientists – 1.30 pm

The AEGC 2023 will host an afternoon of fast-paced 3-minute presentation, held concurrently to the rest of the conference proceedings. The GeoPitch is open to all students and Early Career geoscientists to present their research, project work, and new ideas related to Earth Science. All conference delegates are welcome to attend the event. Several prizes will be up for grabs and winners will be announced in the AEGC closing plenary before the Departure Happy Hour.

Student and Early Career Program

High School Flyer

The GeoPitch Flyer


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